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Vehicle City Greens is committed to electing candidates to public office who share your values.  We are committed to upholding the Four Pillars/Ten Key Values of the Green Party and advancing the platform of the Green Party on a local level. As a local of the Green Party of Michigan, we are proud to serve voters in Genesee and Shiawassee Counties. 

We are looking for individuals who would like to run for public office. Contact info@vehiclecitygreens.org for more information. 


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    Stair Controversy Underlines Systemic Racism In Genesee County

    Recent controversy over disgraced former Genesee County Land Bank Sales Manager Phil Stair is a symptom of an even larger problem that plagues Genesee County, systemic racism. Stair's recently exposed comments toward people of color in the county were despicable and ought to be admonished. His post-revelation apology was insufficient at best, and his resignation welcome. However, the community would be remiss to rest on Stair's response.

    Thankfully, independent journalist Chelsea Lyons was able to bring Stair's highly offensive and destructive comments into public view. However, neither his apology nor his resignation are sufficient. We must address the root of the matter. Until we educate our public officials about how to combat racism in the public workplace and in the policies and enforcement created by our local governments, systemic racism will continue. That is not acceptable.  

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    Local Green Party Group Condemns Shooting at Ridgecrest Apartments

    (FLINT, MI) Local Green Party members reacted to a recent gun violence at Ridgecrest Village Townhomes on April 10th. The shooting left a man in critical condition. In response to the violence, the group issued the following statement:

    “We are concerned for the safety and well being of our members and the community in general. Residents want the violence in Flint neighborhoods to end. The City of Flint and the surrounding jurisdictions must do a better job at maintaining safe environments for everyone who lives in the area. The Green Party bases its platform on “Four Pillars” including peace through nonviolence. We need to keep the people of Flint safe. There are families and small children in those apartments. We have to do more as a community to protect them from senseless violence.”

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