Ecological Wisdom

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  • I think Ecological Wisdom is so Important! Nuclear power is not wise. Vast amounts of carbon is wasted in mining uranium. The carbon is from gasoline, diesel used in heavy duty equipment to get uranium out of the ground. The environment is destroyed where uranium is mined. The energy generated by nuclear power only generates marginally more energy than carbon invested in mining. Large swathes of western USA are badly contaminated by radioactive tailings because of uranium mining. Native Americans have born the brunt of this abuse. Nuclear reactors give off radioactve contamination because it cannot stop all releases of radioactive species. When problems occur there is massive amounts of radioactive release. I lived within 150 miles of Three Mile Island when I was in college. Even though nuclear reactors do not explode due to the nuclear reaction, they can explode due to hydrogen gas being generated from water used to cool the reactor. Even though the explosion of hydrogen would not be nuclear the radioactive material sent flying for miles would be really radioactive! Nuclear plants always need to be next to water so your fresh water sources will be contaminated continuously during operation and catastrophically during failures. Take my advice and move away from nuclear reactor if you live near one! Ecological wisdom is Solar power for automobiles and everything else in between! The dangers of mining of Lithium for batteries to store the solar power is orders of magnitude less dangerous than of uranium for nuclear power. While conservation needs to be promoted, solar power is where the world needs to go. Lithium is very abundant element. Lithium is water soluble so the oceans can be a great source of Li. The world is running out of fresh water but sea water can be cleaned into fresh water. However battery research is going on and there are so many other elements which can be used such as Na or Mg and many others. We need to cover every parking lot with Solar panels to make electricity cheap and available to everybody.