"Partially-treated" Sewage Overflows Into Shiawassee River

"Partially-treated" Sewage Overflows Into Shiawassee River: Local Green Party calls for plan to stop future pollution

Water Pollution credit American Rivers

MLive reports that partially-treated sewage has been released into the Shiawassee River. The water pollution was highlighted in an article written and updated on Saturday, April 8th. THe article stated "Hundreds of thousands of gallons of partially-treated sewage has been released after a sanitary system overflow at wastewater treatment plants in Owosso and Durand."  

This type of municipal water pollution poses risks to the ecosystem of the Shiawassee River. American Rivers, an advocacy organization in support of ending water pollution, states "3.5 million Americans get sick each year after swimming, boating, fishing or otherwise touching water they thought was safe." The organization, in a report on the effects of and solutions to human sewage dumping states, "Untreated human sewage teems with salmonella, hepatitis, dysentery, cryptosporidium, and many other infectious diseases."


Reasons for human sewage water pollution include poorly planned development and outdated treatment plants.

According to the article,  Casey Elliott, an environmental health supervisor for the Shiawassee County Health Department claimed the plants began to overflow on Thursday, April 6th after heavy rainfall that totaled 2.25 inches at the Durand treatment site between April 6-7. 850,000 gallons were released from the Durand plant and an undetermined amount was released from the Owosso plant. The health departments of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties have advised recreational users to avoid contact with both rivers.

“Residents of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties expect that our waters will be kept clean,” said local Green Party member Erin Fox. “ Vehicle City Greens demands that local officials pursue a path of ecological wisdom and address operational shortfalls that result in such discharges.” Jerri Gurden, an Owosso resident, said; “Our local wastewater operations require review and corrective action to ensure that such actions are not repeated.”

“We must protect our waters for the health of all,” Fox continued. “Therefore, it is imperative that Shiawassee County environmental health officials address the discharges and work to prevent future instances of such pollution.”


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