Local Green Party Group Condemns Shooting at Ridgecrest Apartments

(FLINT, MI) Local Green Party members reacted to a recent gun violence at Ridgecrest Village Townhomes on April 10th. The shooting left a man in critical condition. In response to the violence, the group issued the following statement:

“We are concerned for the safety and well being of our members and the community in general. Residents want the violence in Flint neighborhoods to end. The City of Flint and the surrounding jurisdictions must do a better job at maintaining safe environments for everyone who lives in the area. The Green Party bases its platform on “Four Pillars” including peace through nonviolence. We need to keep the people of Flint safe. There are families and small children in those apartments. We have to do more as a community to protect them from senseless violence.”

Ridgecrest Village Townhomes is home to several Green Party members. “Nonviolence is one of the cornerstones of our political philosophy,” said Erin Fox, the group’s contact person. He canvassed at the apartments with fellow Green Party members this past weekend. Fox said local Green Party leaders spoke with members of the community about nonviolence and keeping communities safe and residents agreed that something needs to be done to make the community a safer place to live.  

“There are single mothers and disabled individuals living in that complex.” said John Early, the organization’s Group Leader. It’s the responsibility of everyone in our community to ensure these vulnerable citizens are protected, feel safe and can live in peace. We want to work to find solutions and keep these events from reoccurring.” It’s going to take an effort from the whole community to reduce violence.”

Fox continued, “We plan to tackle the issue from a grassroots standpoint. That means organizing communities and giving residents the tools to prevent future violence in their neighborhoods. We intend to explore policies that will curb crime and violence, and increase neighborhood safety. Bringing the community together will be our starting point. From there, we will educate and empower local residents to take action against violence”

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