Meeting Minutes 6.3.17

Meeting Minutes



Attended – John Early, Carlos Valdez, Erin Fox, Michael Nazarian, Jennie Moench, Veda Balla


Discussion of RL absences


Annual Meeting discussion – Jul 13-16th Why locals should be well-represented. Networking opportunities

Workshops, It’s important for locals to be well represented at the meeting, EF was asked to present a workshop on Voter Targeting.


State meeting – JE encourages all to attend. Discussion about scheduling (date currently unknown)


Discussion of National Committee Delegate vote

Gender Equity, Racial Proportion


SCC – Discussion of difficulty electing delegates and alternates.


Discussion about election of new local 2nd SCC rep


Discussion of Decentralization value, hierarchy, decision making and implementation


Water Liens – report from (JE)

Were whether liens are thrown out? (MN)

POI – Occupy Flint is hosting an upcoming event regarding the liens. EF


Discussion of PlatCom amendments to National platform. Members are encouraged to begin considering any ideas for amendments. Discussion of process for endorsing amendments as a local EF


John Early to be gone first two weeks of July. He will also be away in September


PLATCOM Ammendments - (EF) explains that the committee is now taking proposals for platform ammendments. (MN) Asks about process (EF) The local should review platform, members suggest ammendments bring suggestions before the group to see if there is consensus


JULY special meeting proposed – long discussion


Decided to have this meeting at Flushing Park 4417 N McKinley Rd., Flushing MI 18th of July at 6pm – Social Picnic


(JM) Flint Art Parade – One in July have a table – Last Thursday of the month. Table with art supplies, cards – She will ask them


Discussion - Brandon Verdier’s campaign – Various ways to help Brandon were discussed.

There’s a lot to learn, John encourages everyone to step up and help.




Discussion of Proposals


Review of proposal language


Discussion of proposal 1




Upon announcing a candidacy for public office, an officer of the local shall resign their position until said candidacy for office has ended.”


EF Reads the wording aloud

JE calls for consensus –

Consensus achieved on By-laws proposal.


All officers shall submit their reports 48 hours before the monthly meeting

JE - “reports are short, easy to digest. No time is lopped off...”

EF - “Do we have enough time to develop adequate feedback?”

JE - “People who are involved have ideas for proposals and know what needs to get done, you have to build up to the meeting and have current stuff.”

MN - “A form for every month – is there any communication we nbeed to discuss, look forward to within 48 hours. To create structure.”




Every officer shall submit to the Contact Person, a written report of their activities at least 48 hours prior to the regular monthly meeting. The Contact Person will forward all reports to the membership upon receipt.”


There is discussion of the language


There is discussion of a monthly meeting online. JE concerned that not everyone is up-to-date on technology. MN – We could increase interest and conduct webinars. JE – The webinar was a good example, people get frustrated. Let’s do things less formally until they are working well JM – We had a situation with face to face meeting and later we talked with someone


Discussion about elections working group and 2nd Rep to the SCC – lots of emails, lots of effort to stay on top of SCC matters. No one willing to self nominate. All declined - EF – Will leave position open MN – Could we make a job description? EF – A job description exists – it is in the by-laws. MN – Does not want to schedule to the point of no sleep. VB – Put her name out for so many things already.


Discussion of forums, etc.


EF reads Proposal 2

JE Calls for Consensus

Consensus achieved.




If an officer fails to appear at three consecutive regular meetings without communicating with leadership, the officer resigns their position within the local.”


EF reads Proposal 3

JE Calls for Consensus

Consensus achieved


Try for online meeting soon. Possibly in July. Accomodate members with restrictions on schedules, etc. Extensive discussion of online meetings.


MN – What tells us the limitations on Fundraising? JE – Different scenarios of fundraising. Where the money goes and whose hands it goes through – EF – Recording of name, address and employer over $20 MN – Do we have our own organization. EF explaing political committees. Need EIN, fill out paperwork. MN – Who is responsible – JM – Really does not want to be Treasurer. EF – officer re-alignment JM – Does not want any complications as far as taxes. EF – Discusses MN intrest in position. JE – Recordkeeping requirements, maintain records, reporting. EF – MERTS. VB – We can take proceeds from something like a garage sale and donate the proceeds. JE – Is something considered a donation MN – How income is collected matters. EF – If you are calling it GP fundraiser, checks must be written to the local. JE – importance of compliance. MN open to becoming Treasurer. Discussion of officer elections.


Proposal raised regarding JM becoming Event Coordinator -

Add position of Event Coordinator” Support MN, support VB


Current fundraising event


Saginaw River Cruise – JM if there is interest, Johnny Panther cruise, exploring the everglades of Michigan. JM to set up Facebook event. Need 10 people. $50/ticket - $500 raised, we give him $300 and keep $200. MN asks about negotiating price. JM – discusses that all are interested in nature, environment. MN – Build party by having a yearly schedule of events. JM and JE can attend. MN – Everyone hit interested button on Faceboo so our friends see it. JM – underscores environmental nature of event.


Suggestion of future Kayaking fundraiser for those able to attend. Tabled.


Picnic – Planned for July 15th. VB – Detroit event was vegetarian friendly.



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