Vehicle City Greens members give opinions on Syria

The events that unfolded in Syria in the past week were particularly dramatic and unquestionably shocking. Green Party members believe in the value of non-violence. We want peaceful solutions to the problems our world faces, not ever-increasing violence and hostility. The Green Party is the party of peace and therefore, we condemn the events that unfolded last week. Our values and principles demand it. We asked Vehicle City Greens members about their thoughts on the violence and here are their responses:

“I am flabbergasted! The only intelligent thought/policy Donald Trump had was his stance against war in Iraq, good relations with Russia and non interference with Syria. Instead he has been co-opted by Neocons into war president. Hillary Clinton encouraged him to bomb Syria!? Trump will not allow Syrian Refugees into the USA and he will make a million more. Whether I voted for Hillary or Trump US was going to war so I voted for the only decent candidate in the election even if she had no chance of winning. I voted for Jill Stein because she is actually on our side, the peoples side. I love Green Party because Jill Stein went to Russia during her campaign for President because US needs good relations with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Trump is a mini GWBush but not as smart.” - Carlos Valdez, Vehicle City Greens member 

“Politicians often disregard the fact that the first word in the expression “Law and Order” is law. Trump’s unilateral reaction to Syria’s alleged deplorable use of chemical weapons is not justified. Only congress has the lawful authority to declare war, and there was no rational basis for circumventing the role of congress in determining the correct response to Syria’s inhumane actions. There is no room for a despot in a democracy.” - John Early, Vehicle City Greens Group Leader  

"My opinion on Syria in general is that America needs to back off. Take in the refugees, sure, but our involvement overseas has only ever lead to more problems. Let us support moderate factions in the area, notably the Kurds, and keep ourselves out of it." - Brandon Verdier, Candidate for Burton City Council 

“I watched a good piece last night from the US Peace council. We know the US is funding these attacks. We know Saudis and Israel have pipeline plans in Syria. This is why they want Assad out.” - Jeff Payne, Vehicle City Greens member 

“Well, I think this is going to play right into Trump's war agenda. A nice opportunity was given him to pursue action against Syria and make a case for defense expending, etc. While he sounded compassionate for about 20 seconds, reality set in as I don't think he really cares about all those "little babies.” - Veda Balla, former Genesee County Commissioner candidate 

“It's horrible the gas attacks were used but doesn't it negate helping when the U.S used missiles which probably still killed civilians” - Elliot Kammer, Vehicle City Greens member 

“Seeing photos of 'dead babies' is always emotional. So, why did the already unpopular president of Syria do such a horrible thing? How did it profit him? Who did it profit? Why was one of the founders of the largest, arms dealers and mercenary organizations, Eric Prince, having secret meetings in remote locations with heads of foreign countries. According to the Washington post from April 3, 2017, the meeting was with a Russian close to Putin arranged by the United Arab Emirates. And why is Eric Prince's sister, Betsy Devos part of Trumps cabinet. (She obviously has no expertise.) Also, our unpopular president is now enjoying a serge in popularity. So, I ask again, who is profiting from the gas attack?” Jennie Moench, Vehicle City Greens Fundraising Co-ordinator



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  • the press uses photos of dead babies and children being pulled out of rubble to pull at our hearts. In my opinion, the reports of the White Helmets being a subversive terrorist group holds water, and this is just an example of the corporate war machine manipulating support via the media. Everything about this is about as genuine as Trump’s sudden impulse to save beautiful Syrian babies.